O-Puff Tagline - Puff...Puff...O-Puff

Inhale the reality of a better cannabis experience.

O-puff 95% pure recreational oxygen helps you expand your mind, enhance your high, relax and unwind, and recover from a big puff.  A natural pairing for cannabis lovers, inhaling a few hits of O-puff helps top off your energy level and increase focus and mental clarity.  It’s also a great bud to help recoup from late nights, altitude and pollution.

  • Each canister contains 50+ breaths of 95% pure oxygen
  • Lightweight, compact canisters measure just over 8″
  • No…this product does not contain cannabis or any cannabinoid derivatives…you little stoner.
O-Puff Cannister
O-Puff Cannister

O-puff dosing tips:

  • Position canister opening near mouth or nose.
  • Press the button back + down to start oxygen flow.
  • Inhale O-puff.
  • Three to five breaths should do the trick, yet it really depends on you – and what you’re up to.
  • Inhale as much as your mind or body craves.
Image of Man Inaling O-Puff

PRECAUTIONS: For recreational, intermittent use. Not a medical or lifesaving device.
Any person with any type of health or medical condition should consult their physician prior to use of O-puff products.

Puff this! O-puff CEO hits the air with SiriusXM Radio’s Todd Shapiro.