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Back to the Grind [Gift Guide]

For the Friend with Wanderlust

O-Puff Recreational Oxygen:

All that hiking to new locations can leave you feeling out of breath; O-Puff’s recreational oxygen is here to help. After inhaling a breath of 95% pure oxygen, O-puff will clear your mind and body for the next activity.

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11 Stoner Stocking Stuffers

Looking to fill the stocking of your favorite stoner this holiday season? Well, look no further. We’ve curated the perfect list of gadgets and gizmos that any pot lover would be thrilled to find on Christmas morning. 3-Pack O-Puff 95% Recreational Oxygen – $34.99 Inhaling O-Puff is supposed to help create a better cannabis experience by topping off energy levels […]

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5 Cannabis-Themed Gift Ideas You’ll Want For Yourself

Some gifts are almost too good to give away. Case in point: these sweet gifts will suit every cannabis consumer – and any price range. 1. O-Puff Feeling a little breathless after a session? Maybe still the teensiest bit tense? Enter OPuff: a canister of 95 percent pure, recreational oxygen marketed as a recovery tool […]

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2015 Marijuana Politics Gift Guide

This holiday season, be sure to remember the cannabis connoisseur (or relative newbie) with legal marijuana or a related product. With legalization, both medical and recreational, the law of the land in many places, there are more opportunities than ever to satisfy your stoner friends and family with great cannabis and various cannabis products. Marijuana Politics is here to […]

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O-puff Recreational Oxygen

SMOKING WITH STYLE’S REVIEW The O-Puff portable O2 inhaler seems like a really great idea. When I was testing the product, I did tend to get a little light headed, but I couldn’t tell if it was from the extra Oxygen or just from slowing down and taking 3-5 deep breaths. I was really looking […]

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12 gifts for every type of stoner in your life

Buying gifts for anyone is a difficult task, never mind navigating the massive and confusing world of cannabis culture. Marijuana consumption has gone from social taboo to normal in the last few years, flooding the marijuana market with useful and lifestyle products — a perfect problem for someone who loves to smoke, vape or eat […]

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O-Puff Recreational Oxygen Review

We’re big fans of recreational drugs. Specifically marijuana. So naturally the dudes from Oxygen Plus thought we’d like to try some of their new recreational oxygen. Remember all those oxygen bars that popped up at concert venues and shit during the 90s? Well, the idea’s back. So Oxygen Plus sent us a few hits of […]

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Whiskey & Cigarettes – A Podcast About Podcasts – puffs on O-puff while covering comedy, science and news with comedians and entertainers

Podcast excerpts on O-puff Facebook page: “I love that I actually got a chance to plug these guys…” “I’m gonna try one in an unconventional way…” (inhaling) “Jake is doing a nasal O-puff!” “Oxygen, tequila and fire. Let’s do this!” “Give me some of that oxygen!”

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O-Puff: “Still Recovering From Smoke Day, This Will Help You Bounce Back Right Now!”

Are you still recovering from 4/20? Did Smoke Day have you down and out? Need a great bounce back? Today, check out the O-Puff team’s top five reasons you need some O-Puff in your life right now! [Make sure to read each reason to win your own!] Reason 1: It Can Clear Any Mental Fog […]

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