This holiday season, be sure to remember the cannabis connoisseur (or relative newbie) with legal marijuana or a related product. With legalization, both medical and recreational, the law of the land in many places, there are more opportunities than ever to satisfy your stoner friends and family with great cannabis and various cannabis products.

Marijuana Politics is here to help you out with some shopping tips that will help you find the perfect gift for your cannabis-loving friends and family. We have compiled some unique businesses that can help you find the perfect gift for the cannabis community members on your shopping list. There is a movement to turn the Black Friday shopping “holiday” into Green Friday, so please consider supporting a marijuana entrepreneur this Friday and throughout the holiday season.


This holiday season think beyond the typical pipes, stash boxes and weed-scented gifts. Give the stoner in your life something that’ll not only help enhance their high, but also aids in recouping after a big hit, O-puff.

O-puff is a brand of portable, recreational oxygen, which helps smokers relax and unwind and recover from late nights, altitude + pollution and more. With its super light-weight packaging, O-puff canisters make great stocking stuffers for smokers. Each canister consists of 95% pure oxygen, which can be inhaled through the nose or mouth. It does NOT contain cannabis or any cannabinoid derivatives, but it is a natural pairing for cannabis consumers. Proponents of oxygen swear that some oxygen will increase energy levels, improve endurance during exercise and ease the discomfort of headaches and hangovers.

Just a few hits of O-puff helps top off energy levels and increase focus and mental clarity, when needed. And whether the cannabis consumer on your list is an everyday smoker or just a casual toker, who doesn’t need a boost in focus and mental clarity every now and again?

Check out O-puff’s website, on Twitter @OpuffO2, on Facebook and on Instagram.