The summer heat is hitting its peak and August is in full swing! Grab your friends, get your smoking gear pick up some sunscreen and enjoy the beautiful summer sun while it’s still here. If summertime has a checklist, running through nature feeling wild and free is sure to be on it. So is a summer concert or music festival. So is catching the rarest finds on Pokémon Go!

As you check off the last items on your list, you’ll want to begin to prepare a new one. Gathering what you need for fall is simple with Toke Tank’s Back to the Grind Gift Guide. Add these picks to your wish lists.

For the Friend with Wanderlust

O-Puff Recreational Oxygen:
All that hiking to new locations can leave you feeling out of breath; O-Puff’s recreational oxygen is here to help. After inhaling a breath of 95% pure oxygen, O-puff will clear your mind and body for the next activity.